My Week in PW

This week in PW we did this poster contest for each rule in the classroom (4) and the students got to vote for one, and the teachers got to vote for another. And whoever the majority of the students and teachers voted for got to keep their posters on the wall. And guess what? The teachers voted for mine! Yess!! My child abuse project is all coming together, I just need the final product to be edited. We are doing a short film, a bonus feature, and an interview with my dad, a victim of abuse. I got my level 1 of Annotating Texts units finished, and I feel very accomplished! Evaluating Source, 4 Cs, and Author’s Purpose are finished as well! That is all for now, tune in to next week for more updates!

My Week in PW

A lot happened this week. I’m almost done with my child abuse project, I just need it to be edited. There were many retakes of it, but we finally got it right! Yesterday we watched a russian math video about a trick with numbers. I got my 4 Cs and Evaluating Sources units done. We got new seats today and now I sit next to Riley, Jake, and Cassie. Today we also did a new writing prompt that we had to make up “nonsense words” and it was really fun. That is all for me this week!

Livi’s Week in PW

This week was very quiet and relaxing. We had a silent work day, and I tried to get my child abuse film done this week, but I don’t think it’ll work out. I mean, it’s already Friday, and I don’t know if something will hinder us from doing it today. But on the bright side, the food committee and I started on our project checklist for PW. The project is about redecorating the cafeteria and creating more positive vibes in there. Our first step is to talk to the principal and the art teacher about maybe painting a mural in the lunch room. That is how far we’ve got for now. Thank you and tune in next week for another entry!

Livi’s Group Project

My table group and I are working on a presentation for Monday about our ideas for a perfect school. We are finished with the slide show and I think we are ready for Monday. I am also working on a project for Author’s Purpose about child abuse and it will be a short PSA film. Riley and a few others are helping and I’m hoping we can get moving on it!

Livi’s Digital Portfolio

This week we started something new in Project Wonder called a “digital portfolio”. I didn’t really understand the whole idea at first, and I never really got to fully get the concept. And then, the day after (Wednesday), I got sick and didn’t go to school. When I came back on Thursday, the digital portfolios were even more confusing! I especially didn’t understand how to link the screenshots to my portfolio. But then I asked Mr. Beyer about it and he gladly showed me how to do it! Now I understand what I’m doing more. And my friend Alex also helped me catch up on it, and now I understand!